What Can You Make with A 3D Printer

What can you make with a 3D printer?

Whether you are new to 3D printing or not, there are tons of things you can do with your 3D printer.

What can You Make with A 3D Printer
Photo Credits: ZMorph3D, Pixabay.com

3D printers are gradually becoming common as the prices are falling. Moreover, more adults and children are getting used to the fact that they can actually create a wide range of objects.

What is a 3D Printer?

A 3D printer is a machine that is used to print objects in three dimensions. It uses a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create objects by layering. It is also known as additive manufacturing. Plastics, wood, metal, and powder can be transformed into a wide range of objects through 3D printing.

How Do You Use a 3D Printer?

A 3D printer works by first creating an image of what you intend to print with computer-aided design software. This should be done with a desired specification and design. Fill the 3D printer the materials needed. Afterward, download the image to the 3D printer, and start printing.

In many schools, kids are learning how to use a 3D printer. Kids are very creative, and their imaginative powers are limitless.

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What Is the Difference Between a 3D Printer and a Regular Printer?

3D printers use filaments made from plastic, resin, carbon fibre, paper, and wood for printing while regular printers, like laser and inkjet printers use toners and inks.

Additionally, 3D printers do not only print on paper, but regular printers can print only on paper.

Have you been wondering what type of material a 3D printer can use?

The range of materials that 3D printers can use is as vast as the final products of the printing. As a result, companies that manufacture these printers can now ascertain the end products that their buyers should expect.

The products can differ in texture, shape, or even geometry. However, before your product can emerge, you need to have details of your design.

This design can be done using any design software that can map out dimensions of any given design.

What is a Computer-Aided Design(CAD) Software?

A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software is a software that is used to design, modify, and create 2D and 3D objects. It is a software designed majorly to aid in drawing complex designs. It contains about 1500-3000 commands that can be used to create a design step by step from the scratch.

What Are the Types of 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software?

The types of 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software include:

1. Tinkercad

2. Solidworks

3. AutoCAD

4. FreeCAD

5. Moment of Inspiration

Currently, there are various 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) softwares that have been advanced to meet up with the present-day design demand. Some of them will be discussed below.


What is Tinkercad?

Tinkercad is an online computer-aided design (CAD) software used to create and design objects in simple steps. It is a great tool to start learning modeling with. It can be used by anybody irrespective of your skill level in designing.

With this software, you can have your design done in minutes. And it is completely free.


It is available in three packages:

  1. Standard
  2. Professional
  3. Premium

You can choose any option depending on what works for you.

Is Solidworks Hard to Learn?

Solidworks software is not hard to learn. It is not an object-oriented program. This makes it much easier to understand. Mastering it will take constant practice and time. It is not difficult to maneuver at all. You can try out the basic version without going through tutorials.


This is very popular in the world of 3D designing, engineering, as well as entertainment software. It has features that enable you to share and use data from PDF files, Bing Maps, and the AutoCAD mobile app.

Is AutoCAD Worth Learning?

AutoCAD is worth learning. It is a boost and an added advantage for people in the engineering field. It creates designs in accordance with specific viewing, precision, and geometry. It can be used to make prototypes and blueprints for buildings, bridges, and objects. Designs are drawn with accurate measurements.


This is an open-source tool. It can be used to design real-life objects of any size. Its features are unique and as the name implies, it is free.

Is FreeCAD Good?

FreeCAD is good. It is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software used for modelling houses and buildings. Also, it is a good drafting tool for designing 3D objects at any time.

Moment of Inspiration

This software is very easy to use and compatible with Windows and Mac.

What is Moment of Inspiration?

Moment of Inspiration, also known as MoI, is a CAD software used to create precision and free form designs. Automobiles, aircraft, guns, and different shapes can be modelled with this software. It is usually downloaded online and easy to learn.

Now you know some of the software that can be used for 3D design.

What Are the Materials for 3D Printing?

The materials for 3D printing are:

1. Plastic

2. Powder

3. Resin

4. Metal

5. Carbon Fibre

6. Carbon Fibre

7. Graphite

8. Nitinol

9. Paper

These materials will be explained in detail as you read on.


What is Plastic?

Plastic is a malleable synthetic or natural compound that can be heated and reshaped. This process is called thermoforming. It transforms plastic into various forms and designs.

Plastic is a very common material used by 3D printers. Because everyone is seeking ways to reduce plastic usage as a result of environmental pollution, 3D printing may seem to be the solution. With this innovation in the world of printing, plastics are definitely going to be environmentally friendly. It is usually done with the aid of a plastic filament.

What is Plastic Filament?

Plastic filament is a thread-like thermoelastic valve used to make objects like phone cases, electrical fittings, pipes, spoons, cups, and whistles. The filament is the feedstock of the printer.

The filament for plastic is generally bought as spools and has a wide range of colors but the popular colors are red and green. Additionally, they are usually firm, flexible, and smooth.

Printing with plastic means you should be using an FDM printer.

What is An FDM Printer?

An FDM printer, also known as Fused Deposition Modelling Printer, is a type of printer that uses of thermoplastic materials. The printer heats and melts the thermoplastic, then thrust it out through a nozzle onto a build tray. This process produces a 3D object layer by layer.

What Are the Types Of Plastics Used In 3D Printing?

The types of plastics used in 3D printing are:

1. Polylactic Acid

2. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

3. Polyvinyl Alcohol Plastic

4. Polycarbonate

Polylactic Acid

What is Polylactic Acid?

Polylactic acid (PLA) is an aliphatic polyester gotten from natural sources like tapioca, sugar cane or corn starch. Aliphatic polyester is a compound that can be chemically degraded by adding water to it. This process is called hydrolytic cleavage. In addition, it is eco-friendly because of its biodegradable nature.

Is Polylactic Acid Safe?

Polylactic acid is a safe acid. It is categorized by scientists as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). Hence, it is food-safe and can be used to produce items such as food containers. Polylactic acid gives off a sweet fragrance during the printing process.

You can get PLA 3D printing filament on Amazon.

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In the future, plastics that are produced from this material is predicted to stand out in the field of 3D printing. Polylactic acid comes in soft and hard forms. However, the hard form is sturdier and a great option for a wide range of 3D printed items.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

What is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Made Up Of?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a thermoplastic polymer that is made up of 20-30% acrylonitrile, 10- 30% Butadiene, and 35- 60% Styrene. It is a strong plastic that is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals and strong effects. Accordingly, it is majorly used to produce pipe fittings, auto parts, lego toys, electronics, etc.

This type of material has filaments that look like pasta. It is usually firm but flexible and is widely used for 3D printing at home. It is popularly called Lego Plastic or ABS filament.

Is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Food-safe?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is not food safe. It is a petroleum-based non-biodegradable plastic that contains more toxic substances than polylactic acid. Also, it does not come in potable forms or objects.

Currently, it is being used in the production of flower vases and jewelries.

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Plastic

What is Polyvinyl Alcohol Plastic?

Polyvinyl Alcohol Plastic is a vinyl polymer used for producing cosmetics and skincare products. It is made from the linkage of two carbon elements. Also, it is in the same group as typical plastics like polyethylene, polypropylene, polyacrylic acid, and polystyrene.

This material can be dissolved, and it is not a good choice for printing items that need high tensile strength. It is basically for home printing.


What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic formed by polymers containing different carbonate groups in their chemical structure. Carbonate groups like calcite, dolomite, and argonite make polycarbonates strong and tough.

It is best for electrical fittings and telecommunications because it can be used as an insulator and heat resistant. It is the major material used in making bulletproofs and optical glasses.

This material is not commonly used like those already discussed above.

There are varieties of plastic 3D printed items, and they come in various styles and shapes.


Very recent 3D printers make use of powder to produce various items. You may be wondering how it works. The machine melts the powder and spreads it layer by layer. It does this until the final product has been achieved.

What Are the Types Of Powders Used In 3D Printing?

The common types of powders used in 3D printing are:

1. Alumide

2. Polyamide (Nylon)


What is Alumide?

Alumide is a mixture of grey aluminium and polyamide. This results in a fusion of metallic and plastic components. Hence, it has a sand and grain texture. It is used in making models or prototypes for industries. Items made with alumide are very strong.

Polyamide (Nylon)

This material is strong and flexible and if you need certain details on your printed item, this is for you. It is suitable for designs that require the joining of parts and pieces. Polyamide can be used for printing basically everything.

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Resin is not a popularly used material for 3D printing because it is limited. It is not as strong and flexible as other materials like plastic and powder. Resin for printing is made of polymer, in its liquid form.

Where is Resin Found?

Resin is found in plants. It is secreted as a hormonal response to stimuli in plants. For instance, when a plant is injured by fire, lightning, or human activities, it produces resin.

Resin comes in different types-polyamide resins, epoxy resins, silicone resins, polyester resins, phenolic resins, and polycarbonate resins.

When printing with this material, the end product needs to be passed through ultraviolet rays. Resin for 3D printing is in three forms. They include:

  1. High detailed resin
  2. Transparent resin
  3. Metal resin

High Detailed Resin

This form of resin is used for printing small prototypes that have complex details. For example, a four inched figurine that has a complex outfit and face detail.

Transparent Resin

Transparent resin is mostly used because of its strength. It is used for prototypes or items that are very smooth to feel and appear opaque.

Paintable Resin

When you need to print an item with a smooth surface, the best material to use is the paintable resin. Figurines like that of a fairy can be made with this type of resin.


What is Metal?

Metal, coined from a Greek word Mettallon, is a material that has a lustrous appearance when it is painted or polished. It can be hammered and shaped without cracking. Metal materials used for 3D printing have low melting points.

Plastic filaments have been making headway in 3D printing. However, metal is the next most used material. It utilizes a technique called direct metal laser sintering (DMLS).

What is Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)?

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a 3D printing technique that uses heat and pressure to mold metallic objects. Hence, it is used to print metal prototypes and objects. It is also a transformation of Powdered Metallurgy (PM).

Through this technique, companies can speedily produce various metallic spare parts.

The use of metal in printing has been embraced by the jewelry makers. With this technology, they now have the capacity to produce more items within a short period of time.  Today, bracelets that require engravements are being done by 3D printers.

Which Metals Can Use Direct Metal Laser Sintering?

Metals that can use direct metal laser sintering are:

1. Stainless Steel. This is suitable for printing items such as cooking pots, utensils, and any item that will be immersed in water.

2. Bronze. Flower vases are made from this type of material.

3. Gold. It is suitable for printing of jewelries such as earrings, rings, bracelets and necklace.

4. Aluminium. It is best used in printing metallic items that are thin.

5. Nickel. This is used in making coins.

6. Titanium. This is most suitable if you need a very strong object.

Carbon Fiber

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a tough, stiff, and lightweight material formed by the fusion of carbon atoms in a chain-like pattern. It is used as a replacement for steel or metal. Also, It can be used to make aircraft, race motors, and robots.

Carbon fibers are used as a coating for plastic 3D printed materials. This is done to produce a very strong item. This method is used as an alternative to printing with metal.

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This material is used because it is strong but very flexible and light. It can be used in the printing of phone screens.


What is Nitinol?

Nitinol is a combination of nickel and titanium. It contains equal proportions of both compounds. It usually comes in the form of a metal alloy and is very elastic in nature.

It is popular in the medical field, and also in the printing industry.  

Nitinol can be twisted into different shapes, but it will still get back to its former shape.

If you have imagined producing a twistable item, nitinol is the best option. It is currently being used to produce items in the medical field that may have been considered to be unachievable.


3D printing can be done on paper. This technique helps to give life to a prototype. However, it is majorly used when engineers need to make an appealing presentation.


Wood can now be used in 3D printing, thanks to our unlimited human imaginations. The successful experiment on adding wood filaments to that of plastic birthed this innovation. Just like a real wooden object, it can be sawed, sandpapered, and painted.

What is Wood Filament Made Up Of?

Wood filament is made up of a combination of 70% polymer and 30% powdered dust or any kind of wood. Standard polymers like polylactic acid (PLA) is usually used for wood filaments. 3D printing with wood filaments require the use of special large nozzles.

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However, it is not exactly like the real wooden item. It is basically for aesthetic purposes. Some brands smell like real wood when printing.

What Can You Make With a 3D Printer?

Here is a list of amazing ideas for 3D printing and they are suitable for both kids and adults.

1. Spoons for measuring

2. Customized paper clip

3. Office/ Home desk organizer

4. A bath and shower diverter

5. A loom

6. Musical instruments

7. Camera lens

8. Costume and cloths

9. Medical models

10. Customized phone case

11. Toys

12. Pliers

13. Screw drivers

14. Spanner

15. Whistle

16. Key holder

17. Pencil holder

18. Headphone and earphone holders

19. Fruit bowl

20. Plant holders

21. Cable holder

22. Smartphone stand

23. Comb

24. Toothpaste squeezer

25. Book holder

26. Bottle opener

27. Decorative handles

28. Coasters

29. Ink stamp

30. A mold for popsicle

31. Food molds

32. Records

33. Eyeglass frame

34. Hinges

35. Coffee Machine

36. Camera slider

37. Telescope

38. A robot

39. Drone

40. A functional robot arm

41. Water bottle

42. Shakers

43. Keys

44. Screwdriver holder

45. Bag clip

46. Phone charging shelf

47. Battery holder

48. Secret safe

49. Ramp

50. Beverage coaster

51. Egg yolk separator

52. Prosthetics

53. Memory card holder

54. Wallet

55. Tissue paper shelf

56. Cellular lamp

57. Food

58. Gun

59. Letter board

60. Vase

61. Clock

62. Articulating lamp

63. Figurines from kiddies artwork

64. Business card holder

65. Gear holder/wrap

66. Android figurines

67. High heels


69.Nuts and bolts

70. Nut cracker

71. Zip toggle

72. Keyboard

73. Storage box

74. Flip desk calendar

75. Shoe rack

76. Customized hose connector

77. Wall hanger

With the emergence of 3D printing, we can now give life to our imaginations. Are you set to explore the world of creativity? There are several things we can make with a 3D printer.

Spoons for Measuring

Measuring spoons are used by bakers to measure ingredients that could be wet/ liquid or dry. They come in various sizes and texture. They could be plastic or metal.

What Are the Sizes of Measuring Spoons?

The sizes of measuring spoons are ¼, ½, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon. A traditional teaspoon in the United States of America is equal to 4.9 ml and that of a tablespoon is equal to 14.8 ml. They are usually bought as a set of six or four spoons.

You can make a set of measuring spoons for a baker friend or one who likes cooking. It can also be customized to carry the nickname of your friend.

Customized Paper Clip

If you do not like the conventional paper clip, there are tons of amazing ideas that are printable. You can also customize your own paper clip to suit your taste. It can also be twistable, depending on the type of material you choose to use.

Office/ Home Desk Organizer

No one wants to have a disorganized workspace. Having your things in one place boosts your confidence and gives your office a tasteful space. Your desk organizer can be made to have several layers. You can have one section for files and another for your stationeries and other smaller items like coins.

A Bath and Shower Diverter

What is a Bath and Shower Diverter?

A bath and shower diverter is a device used to divert water flow toward the bathtub or showerhead. It is fixed to the aerator of a tap. In addition, it regulates the flow of water at different temperatures- hot or cold.

You can have an engineer design one for you. Except you are already one or a professional, this is just to avoid leaks while having a shower with it.

A Loom

Most weavers use the loom. If this looks like you, try printing a rigid heddle loom. It is a simple loom with a heddle for lifting the warped threads in an upward and downward motion.

But as the name implies, it is a rigid loom because it can not allow you to try some styles that you would have otherwise done with other looms. However, it is a functional loom for people who weave for leisure.

Musical Instruments

Before a musical instrument is manufactured, a prototype is first produced using metal or wood. This is done to check for errors and get the best specification. But isn’t this a waste of time and resources when you can just 3D print it?

With 3D printing, there will be minimal room for errors. The 3D printer prints to specification. Also, if you feel you need to adjust your dimensions, it can be done quickly. Besides that, you will still have a very good outcome.

Camera Lens

A lens is the most important part of a camera. So, if you have a broken lens, the good news is that you can now 3D print one at home. The use of acrylic can be used instead of a glass lens. Well, you can as well try your hands-on printing just any part of the camera.

Costumes and Cloths

The fashion industry is now engaging in 3D printing technology. There are 3D printed cloths, helmet, swimsuits, dress, shoes, sunglasses and anything wearable.

The good side of it is that since it is made out of plastic, it can be recycled to produce a new item. However, such clothing may not replace the textile business.

But in the future, you may be able to have your cloth printed to your specification right there in the shop. And if you usually have difficulty in getting a shoe that fits your feet, with 3D printing, you are can customize one for yourself.

Medical Models

In the field of medicine, the use of cadavers is very common. However, 3D printed models can replace them and can be used by surgeons to practice. The world of human anatomy just got real for medical students.

How Do Hospitals Use 3D Printing?

Hospitals make use of 3D printing by using radiology equipment like x-ray and ultrasound to digitally modify a person’s anatomy and create an exact new version. This process makes it easier for body parts to be replaced. This is indeed a mainstream innovation in the field of medical sciences.

Customized Phone Case

If you do not like the old look of your smartphone, you may consider having a new one. Phone cases help to protect the phone and with 3D printers, you can customize yours.


What can You Make with A 3D Printer
Photo Credits: 3DBenchy, Flickr.com

This the reason most kids are learning to use a 3D printer. What is childhood without a lot of toys? Autodesk is currently helping kids gain access to training. And there is software with lots of designs that kids could pick from to create their favorite toys.

Consequently, if a part of your toy is missing or damaged, it can still be printed and fitted.


If you love to have your tools handy, you can now have them printed. Every workman needs a set of pliers.

What Are the Types of Pliers?

The types of pliers are:

1. Needle nose plier

2. Linesman

3. Slip joint

4. Locking

5. Fencing plier

6. Tongue and groove

7. Electronics plier

8. Bent nose

9. Round nose plier

10. Bail making plier

Each of these can be made with a 3D printer, depending on your repair needs. Every home needs a set of these for casual home repairs.

Screw Drivers

Every day, the world wakes up to new 3D models. There are various screwdriver models ranging from very simple but functional, to complex styles. Patterns are available for printing.

What Are the Types Of Screwdrivers?

There are different types of screwdrivers, but the common ones are:

1. Flat head

2. Philips

3. Star screwdriver

4. Hex key

5. Square head

6. Clutch head or bow tie

7. Reed and Prince

8. Hex socket screwdriver

9. Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)

10. Pozidrive

11. Pig nose screwdriver

12. Tri-angle

13. Tri-point

14. Tri-wing


This tool is used to fasten nuts and bolts. Having a 3D printed version may not look exactly like the original make but it is functional just after printing.


What Can You Make with A 3D Printer
Photo Credits: Creative Tools, Flickr.com

If you are going camping or hosting sports in your school or community, you will need a whistle. A 3D printed whistle makes an actual whistle sound of up to about 118 decibels. The ball inside can be printed without adding any support inside it.

Key Holder

You can now have all your keys in one place. This is just like the swiss army knife that comes with various knives in one collection. And you can also print a swiss army knife.

Pencil Holder

A 3D printed pencil holder can be designed in a variety of styles to help keep your pencils organized while at your desk.

Headphone and Earphone Holders

Keep your earphone and headphone secured and off your work desk by printing a unique holder for them.

Fruit Bowl

Create your own unique fruit bowl by 3D printing it. With this, you will have fresh inspiration for your dinner table. You can also print plates, cups, and cutleries to replace your old ones.

Plant Holders

If you love to have indoor plants, you can replace your traditional plant holders with a 3D type. They are bound to give your room or office a unique look.

Cable Holder

When you have several gadgets on your desk, wires may just be crisscrossing. This can be quite annoying. Print a cable holder to arrange your cables and have them keep to the exact spot where you placed them.

Smartphone Stand

Holding your smartphone for hours can be exhausting especially when you are seeing a movie from it. Create a smartphone stand and keep your hands free for as long as you need to. Now, you no longer need to use a pile of books to prop up your phone.


Almost everyone needs a comb. You can give this a shot at home and customize it to your specification. It can also be gifted to friends during a party.

Toothpaste Squeezer

Have you been wondering how to get out the last drop of toothpaste? Creating a toothpaste squeezer is the solution to getting this done.

Book Holder

If you love reading books, you will certainly love to print a book holder. Now you can have your books open and just at the exact spot where you left off.

Bottle Opener

You can have a lot of these in your drawer, your backpack, or just anywhere. You can also make this as a gift item for friends.

Decorative Handles

With 3D printers, you can print decorative handles for your cutleries. Having it different from the traditional cutleries, makes feeding quite an experience.


Make your own designs and save cash from not buying those boring types. Get creative and bring it to reality.

Ink Stamp

You can ditch the conventional ink stamp and customize yours at home with your 3D printer.

A Mold for Popsicle

Kids love popsicles. You can print a customized popsicle mold and reinvent the shape of your popsicles.

Food Molds

You can go an extra step by making food molds for kids. Kids love their food in different shapes. Because they get bored easily, you need to make eating fun for them.

Are 3D Food Molds Safe?

3D food molds are safe if they are made with polylactic acid. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable plastic that is gotten from natural materials that are not harmful to human health.

Create molds that are shaped like animals, alphabets, or superhero characters. Use these to bake some cookies or cake, ice cream or chocolates.


You can make your own records that can play on a turntable. It could be music or an audiobook. And did I mention that you can also print a turntable? Well, yes you can.

Eyeglass Frame

If your frame is damaged, you can replace them by printing another one.


Hinges are useful in homes, especially for your doors, cabinets, and boxes.

Coffee Machine

Everyone loves a cup of coffee. If your coffee machine needs to be replaced, why don’t you just get it printed?

Camera Slider

Photographers will love this. It is an expensive item, but you can save money by printing your own camera slider.


You can create your own telescope for gazing at the stars at night. Try your hands on some computer-aided designs and see what you can come up with.

A Robot

You can make some parts of your robot with materials that were 3D printed.


This is one of the amazing things you can 3D print. Just get your design set and when it is printed, fix a camera in the structure and your drone is set.

A Functional Robot Arm

This is an advanced project, but it goes a long way to say that there is no limit to what you can do with a 3D printer.

Water Bottle

Kids love water bottles. So, you can make some containers of different shapes and sizes. You can make it kid-friendly by making some superhero character designs.


Why don’t you make your dining table appetizing? You can change the appearance of your pepper and salt shakers by printing it to your specification.


Print your keys into spares and have them stuffed away in various places. Don’t get locked out of your own house.

Screwdriver Holder

When you have a set of screwdrivers, you may need to keep them secure. Print a screwdriver holder and have them all in one place.

Bag Clip

Some days, you may be unable to finish the contents of bagged food, you will need to fasten the bag. This is done to avoid spoilage. You can make a sliding clip for your food bags.

Phone Charging Shelf

Sometimes, we wish we could get a nice charging spot for our phones. That is because the charger has a short cable, making it nearly impossible to charge from a height. Have this shelf printed and hung close to the socket, giving your phone the luxury of being close to the socket.

Battery Holder

It would be a great idea to have all batteries in one box by making a holder for your batteries.

Secret Safe

You can have a printed secret safe in the house. Nobody will ever think it is safe. All your important documents and money can fit in there.


Ramps are very useful for people using wheelchairs. They are used for moving onto a pavement or to get onto a stepped building.

Beverage Coaster

Add pops of colors to your dining table with a beverage coaster.

Egg Yolk Separator

Bakers are known to separate the egg yolk. Now you can have your egg yolk in a different place without the egg white, by printing an egg yolk separator.


What can You Make with A 3D Printer
Photo Credits: splotramienny, needpix.com

For people with disabilities or amputees, 3D printed prosthetics are less expensive than the traditional prosthetics.

Memory Card Holder

Keep your memory card safe and organized by printing a customized case for your memory card.


Reward yourself with a 3D printed wallet. Make one that suits your lifestyle. It can be slim and different from the conventional wallet.

Tissue Paper Shelf

Design a fashionable shelf for your tissue paper. Hang it on the wall and away from the kids. It will give your bathroom a stylish appearance.

Cellular Lamp

Design a cellular lamp and use it as a shade for reading light. The lamp can also pass for a sculpture.


There is a printer that uses ingredients to print foods such as ice cream, chocolates, candies, and pizza.

Can You Eat 3D Printed Food?

You can eat 3D printed food made with edible materials. The process is usually done with an FDM printer. It prints out a software designed food, layer by layer through nozzles. 3D printed foods are usually eye-catching and beautiful.


You can print a gun as long as you will not be selling it. You can own a gun for self-defense.

Letter Board

Make a letter board for your kids. Place it in the nursery where they can place letters and numbers. You can also have your letters and numbers printed.


What can You Make with A 3D Printer
Photo Credits: Mike Grauer Jr, flickr.com

Design your flower vase to suit your taste. You can make it spiral or just any geometry of your choice.

Here are some other detailed articles you may find useful:


Time is of the essence in our world. Why don’t you keep up with your schedules by having a 3D printed clock?

Articulating Lamp

This lamp can be attached to various spots in your home. It comes with a design that allows new parts or features to be added at any time.

Figurines from Kiddies Artwork

Transform your kid’s favorite drawing into a printed figurine and make it come to reality.

Business Card Holder

This cardholder can be used to keep all your business cards organized.

Gear Holder/Wrap

If you are traveling and need your USB cables and phone chargers intact, then you need a gear holder. Use it to wrap the cables in a neat fashion. This way, you will not need to deal with tangled cables.

Android Figurines

These figurines are for android lovers. Make these and have them on your desk. You can customize it to suit your lifestyle.

High Heels

With the rise in the use of 3D printing for fashion, you can now have a pair of high heels to add to your accessories.


There are 3D printed bikinis that could be used in water. Before your next visit to the beach, gift your beautiful self a printed bikini.

Nuts and Bolts

These are the things that we may never think of printing. However, you need them at home especially when you have an emergency house project.

Nut Cracker

When you consume lots of nuts, you certainly need a nutcracker. Print a nutcracker for your nut cracking affair.

Zip Toggle

When your zip gets broken, you will need a makeshift toggle. So, why don’t you make some of these and have them handy?


What Can You Make with A 3D Printer
Photo Credits: indigotimbre, flickr.com

Create a custom keyboard with different shapes and colors of keycaps. It is easy to print and can be hand-wired.

Storage Box

Storage boxes are very important kitchen items. Moreover, you can reinvent your refrigerating space with little sliding boxes. They will help to keep your food organized.

Flip Desk Calendar

Give your office an inspiring look with a printed flip calendar. It will sit at your desk and serve as a reminder that days are rolling by.

Shoe Rack

Declutter your closet by designing a 3D printed shoe rack.

Customized Hose Connector

Customize a hose connector to connect big hoses to smaller ones.

Wall Hanger

Give your room a fashionable look by creating a fancy hanger that can be pinned to the wall.

Conclusively, there are many things that can be made with a 3D printer. All you need is a 3D printer and a design of what should be printed.

What Can You Make with A 3D Printer- Related FAQs

Can a 3D Printer Be Used to Make Money?

A 3D printer can be used to make money. This is because it is used to offer a countless range of products and services that can be exchanged for money. It converts various raw materials like plastic, polylactic acid, resin, and powder into beautiful objects.

3D printers cannot be used to produce money. This is because money is produced by minting ink on paper. They can only produce items by the mixture of various chemicals like powders and melted solids to produce 3D objects. 

Is Resin the Most Important Material In 3D Printing?

Resin is part of the important materials used in 3D printing. Resin is an organic substance that is gotten or extracted as a hydrocarbon secretion from plants. It is a synthetic polymer that is insoluble in water and forms the basis for plastics, varnishes, adhesives.

Resin comes out from plants as a response to injury. This implies that when a plant is injured by wind, fire, human activities, or lightning, it produces resin. Resin can also be derived from other sources apart from plants. The types of resins include flexible resins, tough resins, and castable resins.

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What is a 3D Printer Good For?

A 3D printer is good for printing essential items and objects that are necessary for human life. It is a printer that is used to print objects like spoons, towels or napkin holders, cups, bath or shower diverter, musical instruments, looms, clothes, and costumes

It cuts across several spheres of human endeavor that cannot be overlooked. It is an improvement in technology that has come to stay. It is best at whatever task of production. It also creates a beautiful and perfect prototype for future innovations. 

Can a 3D Printer be used to Create a House?

A 3D printer can be used to create a house. Recent developments in technological advancements have introduced the emergence of 3D houses. These houses are built faster and quicker than the traditional way of building houses.

Surprising as it may seem, in 2019, a 3D printing company built a $10,000 worth house in 48 hours. The house was 35-feet in measurement. The Icon company also predicted that it could do more by building a $4, 000 worth house in 24 hours.

This is indeed an amazing and breathtaking invention in the field of science. It is not only cost-effective; it is also timesaving. 

Can You 3D Print Bullets?

Bullets can be 3D printed. This is specifically limited to bullets that are used in 3D printed guns. Bullets for traditional guns can be 3D printed but the probability of it working effectively in the gun is uncertain.

Before this development, it was difficult to find strong bullets for 3D guns. Until recently, a machinist from Pennsylvania invented 3D bullets that could work accurately and effectively in 3D guns.

However, 3D guns and bullets should be used with utmost care and caution. This is because they have a high risk of explosion or misfiring.

Is it Possible To 3D Print an Object in Gold? 

It is possible to use 3D to print an object in gold. To print an object in gold with 3D, do these:       

  1. Download the blender software or any CAD software into your computer
  2. Draw the model of the object according to the intended specification using the software
  3. Using a unique method called the lost wax, print a model for your object
  4. Make a mold, then remove the lost wax from it by burning. This creates the exact shape of your model object in the it.
  5. Fill it with the required gold
  6. Afterward, remove the mold to get your gold 3D printed object. 

Gold can be used to directly print the object, but it will be more cost-intensive and expensive.

What Materials Cannot be 3D printed?

Materials that have a high melting point cannot be 3D printed. These materials are difficult to melt and this makes it difficult to form models or objects from them. High melting materials are majorly inorganic materials that are not responsive to heat. They cannot be used to model any 3D object.

Materials that can be readily 3D printed have low melting points. These materials contain zinc, tin indium, cadmium, gallium, lead, and mercury. This makes it amazingly easy to conveniently release them from the nozzle of the 3D printer. 

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